Monday, March 15, 2010

Cartoon Network and Leprechauns

Here's some Leprechauns to enjoy. I am not Irish but I enjoy potatoes and the Pogues like I am. so there.

So I just got back from a trip to Burbank to visit some studios including Cartoon Network.
My buddy Joe Game is a Production Coordinator for Adventure Time (premiering in just a few short weeks in April), so I got the grand tour and got to see where all the magic happens.
Here's some photos from the trip:

I'm geeking out over seeing Aeon Flux creator Peter Cheung's cube:


claudi said...

Hi Craig, looove your photos!!! Uh, I wanna get a tour there as well :D Looks brilliant. Your designs are very cool as always- love coming here and checking out your stuff

Chogrin said...

woah! How did I miss this post! Thanks buddy, good to see some pics!

pw! said...

i just discovered Flapjack! i love it

amazing Leprechauns as well