Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Last One for 2009

Okay, it's kind of a redo but needed something I could play around to explore some things. I definitely locked down some things stylistically and finally find a really nice enriched black that I liked after a long struggle.
A frustrating point of doing 'cartoony' stylized work seems to me to be that unless it's very detailed visually, or the content is weird or 'deep' people don't seems to even take more than a 2 second look and move on. Simpler fun character based illustrations of the past by people like Roy Nelson, V. Partch, Devito, or Gene Hazleton have gone to the wayside save for the animation community or cartooning afficionados.


Korey Scott said...

Great stuff! Just found your blog. I like this kind of art, and I just stared at it longer than 2 seconds..haha...trying to do more like this with my work too. I will certainly keep up with your stuff.

claudi said...

Hey there, I agree with Korey- this is great and definitely worth looking at it for more than two seconds. And although I know what you mean, I think (and hope) that there are many people out there who share that view. Sometimes it is in people's minds that what looks like being made for kids can also be done/ created by kids (animation, cartoons, comic) and they don't stop to think how much work and effort and talent is required to accomplish such things. This can be quite frustrating but then we still have each other and we all know how painstaiking it can be to create such images or animations. So thank you for sharing your artwork with us- I love it :) Claudi