Friday, May 8, 2009

humans, dragons, sketches. blah. blah.

(yes i draw people, and not just cute people)
10:45 on a friday, posting drawings- i am awesome!

why are all the drawing flaws so glaring noticeable after they're scanned?


Chogrin said...

Looking amazing!

Chogrin said...

Post more! Stop hiding those amazing drawings! :)

pw! said...

i still can't wait someday for the phone book size book of your drawings, so i can put it somewhere where i flip through pages a day.

these are all super Craig. that dragon is wild. you do the cute stuff better than anyone because your cynicism and self reflective concern pulls it from going over the edge of fraudulent glee or 'joy for marketability Only'. the ugly stuff is even better too because it isn't cartooning based on cartooning - the worst form of cartooning. the kinds of drawings you do benefit from your powers of genuine and true observation and absorption, distilled in your realist brain and poured out your cartoon hand.