Sunday, January 13, 2008

Influences and Things

This is the third time i've started this post after multiple crashes of the old (relatively brand new) so i'll keep the writing brief and get to my list. i'm trying to get a sense of what elements of the artists and things i like/admire i'd like to bring to my own artwork in an attempt and have an easier time knowing what sorts of things to observe in artwork.

i realize most of these are pretty standard, oh well :/

so here they are in no order:

Hanna Barbera

as a young lad, the first theory of cartooning i ever learned was the HB face theory. it's such a testament to how great these artists were that even kids could get a sense that the drawings were constructed with principles and ideas

since this pc right now is prone to crashes the rest are in list form:

Mary Blair
Hank Ketchum
John K and the Spumco crew

Evan Dorkin
Peter Bagge
Various other Golden Book artists
the Harvey Comics guys
Katie Rice (also of Spumco)
Chris Battle
Steve Lambe
Ronald Searle
Carl Barks
Fleischer Studios cartoons
Samurai Jack cartoons
Dexter's Lab
Powerpuff Girls
Hamtaro and other cute anime series
lots of other i can't remember right now
so i suppose another post should be spent on comparing similarities of these people/cartoons. maybe.

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Raydancer said...

Hi Craig. I discovered your art via the Autumn Society and just subscribed to your blog feed. Really great stuff!

Just had a quick question about this post: What is the HB face theory? Where's a good place to learn about other cartooning theories?